The Range of cooperation

The range of our cooperation depends totally on your needs. However, the most often chosen options are the functional and complex designs.

The functional design

The functional interior design is connected with taking all its potential and offering the spatial solutions adequate to your needs.

It consists of:

– functional proposals of the space in the form of projections,
– technical drawings in the form of 2D projections, containing the locations of electrical, hydraulic and heating system and the walls,
– 3D visualization presenting the examples of colours, trimmings and interior decoration elements used,

The functional design is at the same time the first stage of the complex design.

The complex design

The complex design combines the first and the second stage. It contains all of the data essential to efficient implementation:

the functional proposals of the space in the form of 3D projections

detailed 3D visualizations

a technical documentation involving all the necessary drawings essential to design implementation

(the drawings in the form of projections and cross-sections for contractors, carpenters, operators, installers, the directions regarding electrical, hydraulic and heating systems, the ceiling and fitted furniture designs, the floor system, the designs of individual elements, e.g. on request furniture)

material and cost estimation

(a list of the furnishing elements: wall and floor lining, internal woodwork, electric lightning fitting, furniture, household equipment, ceramic and bathroom and kitchen fittings, decorative elements like carpets, paintings, graphic art, etc. The list contains all the information regarding suggested model and up-to-date retail price, the amount, the addresses of the stores)

the estimated cost of arrangement and finishing works


We offer our customers a support concerning designer’s supervision. Its aim is to control the implementation of the project in accordance to design.


On investor’s request we take over the comprehensive coordination of finishing works. Thereby we relieve a customer the obstacles regarding construction or renovation works, we take over the arrangement of orders and deliveries. We also offer the services of the verified professionals who cooperate with us. It guarantees the reliable realization and allows to avoid problems that might appear during the design completion.


Our offer is directed to investors from the whole country but also from abroad. In that case we can base on the on-line project, that differs from the traditional one, only in terms of the form of communication with the customer. The advantage of that solution is undoubtedly saving the time and lower price.