Our offer

We offer you a wide range of design services, that are characterised by reliability, professionalism and attention to quality. Its range matches customer’s individual requirements.

Our company specialises in the projects of:

– residential interiors,

– public utility interiors (office, trade, gastronomic and service spaces)

– untypical furniture (including upholstered ones)

– fitted furniture (kitchen furniture and wardrobes)

Additionally we offer:

– making printed fabrics (cover and decorative materials),

– pictures and graphics

Our offer

Our offer is characterised by its versatility. Using our abilities and possibilities we take care of details, that make the designed interiors individual and unique. One of the ways to achieve that goal is using printed fabrics. The transfer printing we use, enables us to design all of the motives, even photorealistic. It is widely used, particularly in children’s bedrooms, that we give as great attention as the rest of our projects. We want to provide your children the space where they could discover the world of imagination, that influences their intellectual, emotional and physical development.

Another element of furnishing, making an interior unique, are the paintings and graphic art by us. Thanks to them you can be sure that the space designed by us is unique among others.